Sunday 13th June 2021



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COVID 19 Update 

At GBR Technology we are monitoring the COVID 19 situation daily and adjusting our plans as both the situation and official government advice changes. 

Our operations remain open.

We’d like to draw attention to the fact that GBR Technology are keys suppliers into the following areas:

# Food and pharma processing industry,

# Food and pharma packaging industry

# Components critical to oxygen breathing systems

# Components used in the production of surgical face masks

# Key lubricants to the UK Ministry of Defence.


We recognise the importance at the present time of us continuing to keep our operations open.

At present we are not seeing any issues of availability of materials we routinely supply into the lubricants sector. 

Also, at present our own operations are running at normal capacity and our staffing levels are good.

We have plans (having multifunctional staff and some homeworking and other flexible working) in place in order to cover the necessary duties if increasing numbers of staff are forced to self-isolate their households.

Our sales staff are working from home and we have suspended customer sales visits, however, we can be contacted by email and phone and can also interact by Zoom video-conferencing.

We are following the Government safety requirements with regards to operating a safe workplace.

Rest assured our main goals during this period is to operate both safely and to maintain the important and vital supplies to our customer base.   

We wish all our customers and their extended families well during this exceptional time