Sunday 13th June 2021

Bio-stimulants & Nutrients


To help reverse the anaerobic conditions that arise from water-logging.  Oxy-Stim is a liquid product bio-stimulant to assist in supporting and stimulating aerobic microbes. Provides oxidising agents which, once in the soil profile will encourage aerobic microbial activity which results in a release of nutrients and the break down of organic matter.  This product can be used at 2-3 litres per hectare in 400-800 litres of water on a monthly basis.

Fighter (Fielder Liquid Potassium Phosphite)

Provides stress relief to the turf plant with the ability to build disease resistance. This product is used monthly at 5lt/Ha in 400-600 lt of water when there is growth. NPK = 5-31-11 w/v. 34.5% w/v as Phosphite Anion (PO33-).

Amino Foliar

100% natural fermented liquid amino acids. Improves the overall health of the plant. Contains a high level of amine nitrogen. Also contains vitamin B, Calcium and Cytokinins. Apply at 3-5L/Ha in 300-500L water or whenever a liquid feed is applied.

Amino Root

100% natural fermented liquid amino acids, as Amino Foliar, with additional Humic acid, Fulvic acid and natural wetting agent. Apply at 10-15L/Ha in minimum of 500L water. Particularly good in Spring and Autumn but can be used all year round.

Liquid Humic Acid

High quality liquid bio-humate solution specially designed for amenity turf to stimulate root development, increase nutrient uptake and reduce stress. Ideal for newly seeded areas.

Use at 10 litres per hectare.


A High Quality liquid formulation containing carbohydrates in the form of glucose with added humic acid, seaweed and trace elements. Provides an excellent source of energy for rhizosphere bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi. Energy converts into nitrate and phosphates to promote development of healthy sward. Apply every 2-4 weeks for best reults. Use at 20 litre per hectare in 300-600 litres of water druing winter months. During plant growth apply at 10 liytres per hectare in 300-600 litres of water. 


Concentrated molasses providing a source of sugars and protein. Molasses feeds soil microbes and also provides a valuable source of carbon and macro nutrients to the profile.  

Fulvic Acid Liquid

Can be applied throughout the year. Contains 40% Fulvic extract of humates. Apply at 2.5-5lt per hectare in 300-600lt of water.

Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder

Can be applied throughout the year. Fully cold water soluble. Contains 70% Fulvic Acid. Apply 1-2kg per hectare in 300-600lt of water.

Chitosan - 6% Liquid

Enhances turf resistance to disease and pests as well as enhancing drought and frost resistance. Apply at 5-10lt per hectare in 200-400lt of water. 

Bacillus Powder

A soluble blend of Bacillus sp. and Paenibacillus sp. which are plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria for enhanced rooting, health and biomass. These microbes are able to thrive in stressful environmental conditions and support soil biology. Apply at 250-500gr per hectare in 300-600lt of water.

V-Pro Tri-5B

Soluble powder containing a blend of beneficial microbes (plus Trichoderma) that aid in fixing nitrogen, solubilising phosphate (making it available to the plant) and aids in the degradation of organic matter. This blend of microbes also competes with plant pathogenic microbes for resources and space within the rhizosphere and can limit their development and subsequent damage to the plant. Contains: Azospirullum sp, Azotobacter sp, Bacillus sp, Beijerinckia sp, Paenibacillus sp, and Trichoderma Harzianum sp. Apply at 250-500gr per hectare in 400-600 litres of water. 

Fish Hydrolysate

A balanced organic liquid 8-8-7 + Trace elements fertiliser for healthy growth and colour. Readily available proteins and nutrients improve soil fertility and boost soil microbes. Ideal for perennial grasses. Apply 5-10lt per Ha in 300-600lt of water all year round. Can be tank mixed. Jar test is always recommended for compatibility.


V-Pro Bio Range

A range of bioactive products and feeds to stimulate or populate micro-organisms, giving benefits to the management of turf grass. 

V-Pro Molassium

A concentrated carbohydrate source based on molasses and containing inorganic nutrients, including Potassium. Provides a rapidly available food source to soil microbes. Use at 10-20L/Ha in 300-600 water monthly throughout the growing season. Molassium contains K 3.8%, P 0.2%, Ca 0.7%, S 1.0%, Mg 0.8%

V-Pro Compost Tea Act B

A compost tea bacterial activator

V-Pro Compost Tea Act F

A compost tea fungal activator

V-Pro Thatch Degrader

natural Phanerochaetes and Geomyces fungi and Trichoderma microbes with Trikelp as carrier. 330g/Ha in 200-300lt water.

V-Pro Trident

A balanced liquid feed plus molasses and chelated iron. Designed to feed the grass plant and soil microbes to promote healthy growth, green-up and provide macro nutrients in both inorganic form and macro and micro nutrients from organic sources. Can be applied all year round at 20lt per Ha every 2-4 weeks in 300-600lt water.