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Anderol® products are high-performance synthetic lubricants for specific industrial and food-grade (NSF H1) applications within LANXESS’ Lubricants Additives Business Unit.

Anderol products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and are manufactured in Europe (Belgium), North America (USA) and Asia (China). With over 80 years experience Anderol has a global reputation for superior performance.

Anderol synthetic lubricants provide significant performance advantages versus mineral oil. They reduce maintenance cost by extending drain intervals, decreasing deposits, enhancing water separation and providing superior film strength especially in applications run at extreme conditions, such as high temperature, heavy duty applications, oxidation resistance, extreme-pressure or refrigeration.

Overview of Anderol product offerings:

  • Compressor & pumps: more than thirty compressor and vacuum-pump lubricants
  • Gears & bearings: synthetic lubricants designed to provide and maintain a consistent barrier film on the metal they protect
  • Hydraulics: versatile biodegradable, fire-resistant and H1 certified food-grade lubricants suitable for many applications
  • Greases: technologically advanced greases that consistently deliver on the promise of improved equipment performance
  • Chain: specialised synthetic lubricants that perform under a variety of conditions
  • Other: 70 H1 registered food-grade lubricants with Halal and Kosher registrations
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Managing Director

Adam Morris

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