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Bechem Lubricants

Bechem was established in 1834 and were the first industrial lubricant manufacturer in Germany. Bechem today have global operations and are a leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty lubricants and metalworking fluids.

With innovative formulations in the most diverse of industrial applications and a wide number of approvals, Bechem products are working for, and impressing users around the globe. 

Bechem have a global network of partners and a number international production sites. Technically Bechem are extremely strong with an extensive development and test laboratory with a very wide range of equipment operated by dedicated and experienced personnel. 

Bechem are particularly strong in a range of markets that can be explored directly from their website: Lubricants reimagined. Since 1834. - BECHEM or by following the links on the Industry tab of the GBR Technology website.

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Managing Director

Adam Morris

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