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GBR Technology represent a number of leading brands of manufacturers of food grade lubricants carrying NSF registrations.

We supply lubricants, greases, oils and aerosols carrying NSF H1 registrations. Our range encompasses Anderol® and Krytox™, for which we are authorised/supported distributors in the UK and Ireland. These leading manufacturers have very strong brands in their respective areas covering white oils, polyalpha olefins (PAOs), esters and perfluorinated polyethers (PFPEs). Most products are also certified to Halal and Kosher requirements. We also offer a range of food grade aerosol sprays.

GBR Technology are uniquely positioned in the UK for access to food grade lubricants. However, availability of product needs to be backed up with service to be of maximum value to customers – that’s why we employ a technical sales team across the UK and hold stock in our warehouses in Berkshire. We are here to support your needs and have direct technical back-up from the manufacturers. Colour coded jugs can also be supplied and we can assist with product rationalisation to help keep stores in a manageable condition and not over-stocked with unnecessary materials. We have conducted site audits along with follow-up recommendation reports that customers are free to implement at their discretion. We can also undertake technical recommendations with regard to specifying greases. The benefits from our free technical support and product improvement recommendations can be quite significant but we always aim to respect the wishes and requirements of each customer with regard to the level of technical support.

Cost will always remain at the heart of many operations and it is becoming increasingly recognised that high quality lubricants will in most cases deliver cost savings through their longer life, better protection of your equipment assets, lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime and less waste disposal. The difference can be dramatic – a doubling of service life on a product 50% more expensive immediately shows oil costs savings and reduction in maintenance costs, reduced oil disposal and potential downtime add further time and cost savings. In the long term better equipment protection and reliability can make much larger savings through extended asset life and higher productivity. In many cases however, users still persist with lower quality lubricants with a low cost per litre that degrade in machines and give inferior protection and tarnishing on surfaces. It is possible that some of this decision making could be down to confusion over the mixed messages and marketing claims that come from competing products and this is an area where we can assist with a scientific explanation of base oil types.

Find out more information within in our Food Grade Lubricant Brochure Here.

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