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Chemours DryFilm™

In simple terms a DryFilm lubricant is a dry lubricant mixed with an adhesive material/binder/carrier solvent.

The carrier solvent evaporates after application leaving the dry film to bond to the relevant surface forming a solid film. This results in reduced friction and helps to protect asset life.

The benefits of Chemours DryFilm™ lubrication products, once the product has been applied and the solvent dried off, are:

  • Highly non-stick, with outstanding lubricity (low coefficient of friction)
  • Thermally stable over wide range of temperatures
  • Non-flammable
  • Chemically inert
  • Compatible with most materials
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Clean, non-oily, and non-staining
  • Insoluble
  • Non-migrating

We are an authorised distributor for Chemours DryFilm, a range of highly effective products based on the Chemours fluoropolymer technology, exhibiting several important characteristics imparted by the extremely low molecular weight of the PTFE fluorotelomers.

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