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PFPE (perfluoropolyether) Lubricants

PFPE (perfluoropolyether) is a supreme lubrication solution where conventional lubricant technology is unable to survive. Typical examples being extreme operating temperatures and harsh chemical environments.  PFPE products provide ultimate component reliability and can demonstrate extended lubrication intervals or even sealed for life lubrication regimes.

Relevant industries include aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, electronics, food, metal manufacture, motorsport, paper and corrugator, vacuum industry, and reactive gas sectors.

Krytox™ offer a comprehensive range of superior PFPE oils and greases based on many years of experience with fluorine based lubricants. These materials are used in a wide variety of extreme and critical lubrication applications giving extreme performance for extreme conditions.

Krytox Oils

Krytox GPL series start at GPL 101 and go up to GPL 107. These are K-fluid branched-type PFPEs with increasing viscosity across the range. Krytox VPF vacuum grades also span a viscosity range – these are precisely distilled fluids designed for low outgassing in vacuum systems. Examples are Krytox VPF 1506, 1514 and 1525.

The Krytox 143 series represent the aerospace grade oils. Product Krytox 143AA, AB, AC, AD and AZ are of ascending viscosity.

There are also Krytox L-grades using linear PFPE molecules and these have the highest viscosity index, again various viscosity grades exist.

The Krytox XHT Oils 500, 750 and 1000 are designed to cope with the very highest operating temperatures for PFPE fluids and some of these have a useful operating range up to spikes of 400°C.

Many of the oils are also available as XP variants. The XP additive provides anticorrosion and anti-wear properties.

There are also specialist oils for the automotive industry – AUT grades.

Krytox Greases

The Krytox Grease range is even more diverse than the oil range. Krytox GPL 201 up to 207 utilise the ascending viscosity GPL10- oils thickened with microfine PTFE. These lead on to many derivatives as follows:

  • Krytox GPL 21X series - contain EP additive
  • Krytox GPL 22X series - contain anti corrosion additive
  • Krytox GPL 29X series – contains combined EP and anticorrosion additives
  • Krytox GPL 2EX series - contains an alternative anticorrosion additive.

The Krytox 240 series are aerospace grade greases based on the 143- series base oils. Additionally there are other specialist grease grades for the aerospace industry.

There are also Krytox XHT grades that can cope with the top end of the PFPE temperature range based on the XHT special oils. The XHT BD are grades that utilise a non-melting thickener allowing use above 330°C with some grades coping with spikes up to 400°C.

Specialist greases exist for the corrugator industry (Krytox Corrugator 226FG & 227FG), vacuum industry (Krytox LVP), automotive industry (AUT grades), and for gearbox applications.

With such a diverse number of products to cater for so many conditions contact us to discuss your requirements to assist in grade selection. We have extensive in-house experience with these materials, and direct access to Chemours Technical Support if needed.

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